Citi Personal Loans Head in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Primary Location: United Arab Emirates,Dubai,Dubai

  • Education: Bachelor's Degree

  • Job Function: Marketing

  • Schedule: Full-time

  • Shift: Day Job

  • Employee Status: Regular

  • Travel Time: No

  • Job ID: 17041753


Job Purpose:

• Drives Middle East Personal Loans business objectives and plans in support of the longer and shorter-term objectives.

• Develops Middle East Unsecured Lending Business (Personal Loans and Salary Transfer Loans), product and service strategy in line with customer segment needs and aligns with global lending strategy.

• Ensures delivery of Plan across geographies. Ensure strategy and tactical changes are timely deployed to achieve new loan volumes target and grows healthy receivables.

• Manages Revenue, Expense and Net Credit Loss budgets of the Middle East Personal Loans business in order to achieve business Plan and deliver on company return hurdles.

• Maintain up-to-date understanding of customer competitive trends and market needs. Identify market conditions to apply the proper measures in order to maximize the advantage and/or minimize risk on any situation.

• Proficient in Marketing Techniques, translating business objectives into successful and efficient sales channels, product benefits and direct marketing relationships.

Job Background/Context:

Job reports into MENA Assets Head.

The job includes the two geographies of Middle East cluster: UAE and Bahrain.

The incumbent is expected to drive strategy design, implementation and execution to achieve business growth expectation.

Incumbent needs to be self-driven, should have exposure to asset lending lifecycle and is able to take the business forward with an aggressive growth plan within the defined risk appetite.

Key Responsibilities:

• Ensure delivery of Plan with regards to Revenue, Expenses and Net Credit Losses. The incumbent will have to closely work with partners from other units in order to secure new business volume target are achieved.

• Partner with risk management in defining risk appetite and benchmark. Ensure delivery of new loan volumes, across geographies, are within established risk guardrails

• Manage a product with full business view from product growth, revenue growth, portfolio growth, expense management, customer loyalty/retention and segments. Hold a disciplined approach that will ensure delivery within the loss appetite

• Take a balanced view and pursue segment discipline for a sustained, profitable and predictable growth. Strategize on target segments, customer needs, product, value proposition and channels. Track competition, market trends and reposition product strategy for short / long term. Work with marketing on branding, ATL, campaigns, channel specific marketing needs

• Leverage the newly launched Credit Bureau to streamline underwriting processes, credit policy and maximize opportunity to grow by leveraging any possible analytical references. Project and manage any action needed to execute digital strategy and more in general any system change needed to secure achievement of business goals.

• Drive to digital loans experience. Ensure key project get prioritized and executed in order to deliver as per strategy. Establish and align product, pricing, value prop and customer experience on regular basis. Ensure necessary processes are set-up for customer wow and to sort out complaints.

• Develop multi-channel strategy suitable for the product growth. Co-ordinate with sales to ensure focus, right CPA & necessary product training.

• Coordinate with Sales, Credit, Legal & Compliance, Analytics Unit, Marketing, technology and Operations for product success. Responsible for delivering on Compliance, Legal and Regulatory requirements, procedures and controls, BISO security initiatives.

Development Value:

• Opportunity to develop & utilize a full range of skills in a fast growing and highly competitive market environment

• The candidate will gain understanding of market dynamics (competition, regulatory, etc.) and how to adapt to maximize our potential in the market.

• Loans market is highly competitive. The ability to succeed is functional to the incumbent willingness and desire to constantly raise the bar and setup new standards.

• Build and develop a common understanding across all stakeholder on loans strategy and And execution drivers.



• Ability to see overall picture in terms of business profitability

• Sound understanding of Unsecured Product lifecycle knowledge, inclusive of strong Credit Risk understanding.

• Experience with loans and installment products.

• Experience in product management, sales dynamics and revenue delivery

• Prior experiencing in managing Lending business across all dimensions likes sales, revenues, expenses and cost of credit.


• Ability to manage buy-in from all stakeholders, inspire a common view and put people together to achieve business goals.

• Unsecure Credit product knowledge

• Analytical skills

• Good in relationship Management, understanding different viewpoint and seek for a win-win situation.

• Project management


• Graduate

• Masters or higher degree is a plus


• Strong communication skills ( oral and written)

• Flexibility to fast changing markets and priorities

• Open mind to find creative solutions (thinking out-of-the-box)

• Diversity : work with different businesses and teams

• Multi-tasking capabilities

• Planning and Organization skills

Exceptional candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered for the role provided they have the necessary skills and experience.

Valuing Diversity: Demonstrates an appreciation of a diverse workforce. Appreciates differences in style or perspective and uses differences to add value to decisions or actions and organisational success.

Citi is an Equal Opportunities Employer