Fugro Marine in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Job Title: Senior Geotechnical Engineer (Marine)

Direct Reports: Geotechnical Engineers

Basic Functions:

The Senior Geotechnical Engineer (Marine) supervises geotechnical engineers to follow all engineering assignments, prepares and implements engineering reporting procedures and plans for large projects, reviews and QA/QC geotechnical data and engineering assignments prepared by geotechnical engineers and reports to the Engineering Manager. The position commands a responsibility and necessity to set examples for others. The willingness and ability to take initiative in all tasks is essential. The nature of the work requires the Senior Geotechnical Engineer (Marine) to easily adapt to various work environments and will be assigned to both office work for reporting and offshore work on geotechnical dedicated vessels or jack-up rigs to perform geotechnical site investigations.

Roles And Responsibilities

1) Office Duties

a) Full responsibility that assigned projects are executed in accordance with Fugro procedures.

b) Communicates directly with clients and ensures that reporting deliverables meet client requirements.

c) Participates in engineering discussion and meetings with clients from preparation until closure of a project.

d) Plans and supervises engineering team to conduct assignments requiring independent judgment in the selection of techniques, procedures and criteria.

e) Guides and coordinates with project manager on engineering aspects of projects involving field investigation, operations and office reporting.

f) Reviews geotechnical engineers’ assignments, design parameters, methods, calculations and draft reports before approval of Engineering Manager.

g) Supervises team of geotechnical engineers working on multiple projects and ensures that requirements and given assignments are understood.

h) Stays aware of changing industry practices and consults with the Engineering Manager and Geo-Consulting department for constant implementation of latest practice relevant to engineering assignments carried out by the engineering department.

i) Consults with Engineering Manager for distribution of the tasks to geotechnical engineers, laboratory technician and engineering assistant.

j) Consults with Engineering Manager for solving unusual or complex engineering problems. Elaborates way forward by identifying and implementing relevant design standard and design practices.

k) Responsible for monitoring project budget, schedule, assist with draft invoice preparation.

l) Assists with compilation of technical proposal, drafting invoice, marketing and client maintenance.

2) Offshore Duties

a) Full responsibility that assigned projects are executed in accordance with Fugro procedures.

b) Communicates directly with client and ensures that field deliverables meet client/contract requirements.

c) Works actively within a multidisciplinary team (laboratory technicians, operators, drillers).

d) Updates office support on work progress on daily basis.

e) Performs logging of soil and rock sample as well as processing of laboratory results and in situ tests.

f) Independently performs most assignments with only instruction regarding general expected results.

g) Prepares Field geotechnical reports while onsite for office review.

h) Performs onsite analyses for offshore foundations (piles, spudcan, shallow foundations).

3) Specific Additional Duties

a) Actively participates in adherence to and improvement of the company Management System on Quality and HSE related issues.

b) Actively participates to engineering process improvement, training and knowledge transfer to geotechnical engineer.

c) Instructs engineer on engineering requirements prior to field work and support their Work during field investigation.

4) Principal Working Relationships

a) Liaises with geotechnical engineers and laboratory manager about engineering preparation and execution of testing.

b) Informs Engineering Manager on specific engineering requirements for project.

c) Liaises with Technical Manager from GeoConsulting department and Engineering Manager for continuous development of engineering practices and reporting standards.

d) Delegates engineering tasks to geotechnical engineers to maximise own time on complex assignments.


Qualifications required:

a) M.Sc. level in civil engineering or equivalent in education and experience, PhD level would be a plus.

Skills / experience required to do the job:

a) More than 7 years’ experience in civil or geotechnical engineering work, or more than 5 years in offshore geotechnical industry.

b) Comfortable to lead technical discussions.

c) Conversant with equipment / software in use.

d) English language, Arabic language would be a plus.

Role specific Behavioral competencies required:

a) Problem-solving/judgment: ability to observe, think critically and to solve problems using data, analysis, interpretation, and reasoning skills.

b) Teamwork: dedication and ability to work successfully with others in a team.

c) Information & Communication: The ability to receive information from and convey information to others timely and successfully, using appropriate language, and communication tools (spoken, written etc.).

d) Client focus: The ability to generate client satisfaction (internally or externally), potentially resulting in long term client relationships and additional work.

e) Planning & organizing: The ability to set priorities and determine actions, time and resources (tools, software, people, and budget as appropriate.) to achieve pre-defined goals. Monitor and manage timely delivery, leading to reliability and client satisfaction. Resources (documents, tools, diary etc.) are well-organized and up to date.

f) Agility: the proven capability to be flexible, responsive, adaptive, and show initiative in times of change (e.g. priorities, work planning/location, skills/technologies, work processes, relationships), uncertainty and opportunities.

g) Multitasking: Ability to be organized and work on different projects at the same time without losing focus.

Additional Details

Additional Details:

Fugro is seeking a dynamic individual to fulfil the role of Principal Geotechnical Engineer - Marine Geoconsulting, in it’s principal Abu Dhabi office.

Fugro Survey (Middle East) Ltd (“FSME”) is the leading offshore survey company in the Middle East region. It is part of the Fugro Group, with over 400 employees based in Abu Dhabi and operates in accordance with International Standards. The working area includes the Gulf, Arabian Sea and Red Sea.

FSME specialises in providing a wide range of marine, earth measurement and investigation services that meet the requirements of a wide Client base, covering various market sectors, which include offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Construction and Civil development. Fugro continues to develop and deploy the applications of new technology and techniques.

Services include the provision of marine site characterisation, comprising Geophysical (analogue and multi-channel seismic), AUV & Hydrographic Survey, Offshore Geotechnical Soils Investigations, ROV & Diving Inspection, Environmental Studies, Metocean measurements & Construction Support. Other service lines include weather forecasting, established ROV training facilities (running regular external courses) and Engineering and Consultancy divisions. The company also has owned vessel assets, dedicated to the region for the Geophysical, Geotechnical and ROV/Diving services lines.

Fugro offers a dynamic team based working environment in an exciting and developing market region with long term potential for skill and career path development. Remuneration will be commensurate with experience and includes the usual FSME benefits package.

How do I apply? We are looking forward to receiving your online application. Please ensure you address all areas, of the role profile to the best of your ability, as we will use this data to review your suitability for the role.

What else do I need to know? Fugro is dedicated to quality, equality, and valuing diversity, and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities within which we work.

What we offer? FSME offers a dynamic team based working environment in an exciting and developing market region with long term potential for skill and career path development. Remuneration will be commensurate with experience and includes the usual FSME benefits package.

Comments Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Job ID: 2158

Region: Middle East and India

Location: Abu Dhabi, AE

Closing date: Saturday December 30, 2017

Employment status: Experienced Professional

Employment type: Permanent

Reports to: Engineering Manager